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DKK Safety serves a both big and small projects for the clients. Our years of experience in the industry have provided us with in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements as well as practical learnings from regulatory inspections. We advocate inspection readiness mindset to our clients and advise on putting mitigation controls in place to promote safety, reduce risks and maximize compliance.

Opening of New Laboratory 

Opening of new laboratory facilities requires numerous regulatory hurdles on the way to operation and DKK Safety is experienced in aiding both startup companies and established companies with opening new facilities. Our experience in obtaining required permits, setting up and managing the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) portal, establishing an EPA Identification, setting up hazardous waste management, and all other SHE aspects of laboratory set-up allows our clients to focus their time on their work.


Safety SOP Development

Safety related Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are critical for ensuring employee safety and compliance. DKK Safety has extensive experience writing and reviewing SOPs such as Chemical Hygiene Plan, Injury and Illness Prevention Program, Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Plans, Hazard Communication plans, and Lockout Tagout to name a few. 


On Demand Training Program

Onboarding and annual refresher trainings maintain a culture of workplace safety and regulatory compliance. DKK Safety has experience developing and delivering both in-person training programs and online Learning Management System (LMS) training programs. We specialize in customizing the training contents to your needs to enhance employee engagement and safety compliance.

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